Cenex Gas Station Supplies

Cenex Gas Station Supplies should be easy to recognize because of their distinctive colors and logo. Clients know what to expect then they see the Cenex Gas Station logo on a bag or a cup: quialty, fast service and a smile.

If you are looking for Cenex Gas Station Supplies, we have a variety of branded packaging, cups and other goods for you. Remember that branded supplies enhance the customer experience, make your store look more polished and professional, and serve as free advertising when they leave in a client's hands.

Some of our products include:

- Large flat bags for packing snacks and small purchases. Clients carry those, parading the Cenex logo all over town and serving as free advertising for the gas station and the convenience store.

- Paper wrapped foam cups look and feel great, and they come in a variety of sizes, from 12 oz up to 24 oz. They are ideal for hot and cold drinks, and we offer matching lids, which are perfect for those coffees on the go. Combining the thermal properties of foam with the smooth look of paper, we add the Cenex logo to make these perfect for your convenience store.

- Plastic cups: for soda, juice, cold drinks and iced coffees or teas, you cannot beat these see-through cups in PP or PET plastic. We offer them in mega sizes up to 44 oz for quenching your clients' thirst on long rides.

- Reusable tumblers: Our 16oz tumbler is perfect for hot or cold drinks, and clients will be able to reuse them and advertise your brand for years to come.