Stock Cups

Branded cups and containers give your business a marketing advantage, but sometimes all you need are stock cups that are ready to be shipped, and we carry plenty of those in many materials, sizes and colors. 
C-stores, coffee shops, catering businesses, and those in the event industry know the value of having good disposable cups, with or without lids, available to their customers or guests. If you're in need of a large quantity of good looking stock cups that perform well, for hot or cold drinks, we've got you covered.
Some of our most popular stock cups include the following:
- The extra large PP cups in 32oz and 44 oz are always popular, especially with the dome lid that accommodates whipped cream or slushies so well. 
- Our super sized 44 oz foam cup is also very popular, both for its attractive design and for its temperature insulation properties. You can match it with flat or domed lids, depending on your needs and preferences.
- Small paper coffee cups are also extremely popular, especially the 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz presentations. We have perfectly fitting lids available for all of them, so you can sell coffee and tea to go, which is always a very popular product. You may want to add sleeves to these to keep your customers safe if you serve piping hot drinks.

We have plain stock cups, as well as decorated ups with attractive designs, so you can add a little color to your event or venue. Whether you serve hot or cold drinks, alcoholic or non alcoholic, we have the stock cup that you seek.